Coal Haulers

777D Coal Hauler E

Maxter has been actively building coal haulers for more than 25 years. Since 1990, a concentrated effort has been made to improve and upgrade the coal hauler designs. The double hull was introduced in 1995 followed by a comprehensive overall design upgrade, which was introduced in 1999.

Key Features and Major Improvements:

  • Double hull design adds rigidity and strength to the sidewalls of the trailer thus diminishing denting on the corrugated exterior walls of the unit.
  • Curved corners combined with steeper inner slopes allow for a cleaner and freer discharge thus minimizing carryback.
  • The Maxter hitch mounted “integrated” turn stop eliminates the need for a tractor mounted “goalpost” style of turn stop. This feature increase driver safety and reduces damage in jackknife situations.
  • Recent improvements to the braking system have been made through the introduction of a new control system, which allows the operator to monitor all levels of brake performance.
  • Optional door open/closed indicator
  • Maxter’s enclosed plumbing system protects against outside elements, while allowing easy access for maintenance.

777D Coal Hauler RSV 1999-2011